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Matisse Structure

Matisse Structure is a professional artist acrylic paint that has an impasto, thick and creamy consistency - perfect for building texture. It can be used with a brush or palette Knife. And, if a thinner consistency is required for washes or watercolour effects, simply add water.
The tubes come in an 80ml size and the label has an actual stroke of paint on it, which allows you to choose your colours quickly and easily. 250ml Tubs are also available. The colour range is quite comprehensive with some colours being uniquely Australian. The pigment loading is high with a guaranteed lightfastness and archival quality.
There are a lot of mediums available with Structure. You can change the quality of the paint in many different ways. For example, adding body or gloss, or even extending the working time by retarding the natural drying process.
Matisse Structure is a true professional quality fine art paint.

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