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Posca Markers are acrylic based paint markers that come with different sized nibs for different applications. The paint dries water-proof, light-fast and remains vibrant. The nib sizes you see on the buying page are described according to the width of the line they can draw.

The Ultrafine Posca which is described as a 0.7mm line is perfect for outline or fineline work. The line it produces is the same as a ball-point pen. The actual size of the barrel is about the same as a pen. The makers of Posca are pretty generous with the amount of ink in these pens so you will find they can last for a surprisingly long time.

Fine is the next size up. It draws a 1.3mm line. This is a line similar to a school felt tip marker. The barrel is the same size as a thick ball-point pen.

The Medium marker is the most popular for art work. It draws a 2.5mm line and like the two pens before, has a bullet-tip. The barrel of this paint pen is the same thickness as a warehouse marker like a Nikko or Artline.

The Medium Chisel is the first one to deviate from the bullet tip. These have a chisel tip which can be used at different angles to produce different thicknesses of lines. Described as a 8mm tip these pens actually do a couple of different thicknesses but 8mm is the thickest line with the tip turn side on. The barrels of these are quite fat, at least twice the width of the mediums and a little shorter.

The Broad Chisel is the biggest Posca. It also has a chisel tip which when turned side-on will produce a 15mm line. The barrel on these things is huge. The length is 16cm and the width is equal to a twenty cent piece.

All Posca's have a ball-bearing inside to help with the mixing of the paint. Shake the pens thoroughly before each use, making sure the ball-bearing inside is moving around freely. They can be used on many surfaces including glass, metal, plastics, plaster, canvas, wood and many other surfaces. Posca's are used by fine artists, body shop estimators, car sales (as windscreen markers), surfboard artist's, shop keepers (for presentations on glass windows), hobbyist's and more.

To remove the dry paint from glass use an open blade held flat to the glass turn it at a bit of an angle as if you were trying to wedge the blade between the paint and the glass and scrape away. Use glass cleaner to clean up. No residue should be left.

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